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02-20-2016, 10:38 AM
I had first contact with the lady about Love-Germany. On account of mine see inclinations and offers the lady soon broke off the contact. Later I discovered this lady about the searching machine yandex.ru. And her acquaintance purpose was a flirtation and sex. I have written up the lady again.But apparently she did not remember any more me. I wrote to her that she already had a photo of me. And I wrote her very hot lines. I thought first, she wanted to know nothing about it. But today I got post of her. 200 euros require them for meeting with sex. When I got her newer photos passed, I did not want to believe it that it is the same lady in the agency pictures. It seems to me that the lady not as given is single, but I think she is married. Since she wanted to know about a night meeting nothing.

Martin (Germany)