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02-20-2016, 11:01 AM
Hi there,

I live in the Uk and became aware of this woman very soon in our communication.
First the women says she is 37 but i have found another web site with her age at 45, make of it what you want. I rang this b..tch and we had many conversations during which i found out that she had been on the internet for 3 years, and meet some men.
She had been married but had two daughters by other men, out of marriage.
The men she had meet she said were not her sole mate, when i asked her how many she had meet (i think many) she would not say! Very odd!
When you look like this i think it would not take many meetings?
She can talk English and when we spoke on the phone there were not to many problems, but when i said i would come to see her she said that she needed a interpreter! she had used a very good one on other occasions.
Bit odd i thought!
When we were talking she let slip that she had more than one apartment, but did not work!
I said that i would arrange a apartment for us but she insisted that she had used one the past that was ok!
Can you smell the rat now?
To put the icing on the cake she sent me details of some clothes which she thought would be suitable for me to buy as a gift for her, these were of course designer brand and all over $1200.
that is more than the average wage in the Ukraine for a month!
1)Apartment, which i am sure you would pay way over the top for,
2)A interpreter, which you would have to pay for and take to the best eating houses, paying of course. pay for 3 not 2.
3)Buy only the most expensive designer outfits which can be sold when you have been dropped.

This b..tch must make a nice living from this, and i am sure she is a hooker!

Be vary wary of this b..tch, i got away but most would get caught!!!!!!!

Paul (England)