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03-04-2016, 03:38 PM
Nataliya Zelenskaya
DOB: 13 September 1981

I met a woman in Kiev, she is from Zaporozhye, she told me she was a doctor but SHE IS A SELLER IN A MARKET, i know now.So all was beautiful, she told me she wanted to finish her examinations to become doctor, so i returned to my country for eight months.Before leaving Kiev, she asked me to engage her, so i did. I took care of her for English lessons, cloths, birthday,Christmas, New-Year. I return in next June in Kiev, she was there waiting for me, all was perfect. She promissed to marry me in August, but never wanted i come to see her in his city Zaporozhye.
So she needed to finish the last examinations, so i wait for many times in Kiev alone and in August nothing happened,no mariage!!
Each time she visisted me in Kiev, always needed something, cloths and so on. So she told me,after examinations, she will come to me in Canada, nothing happened one more time. One day, she sent me an email to return in Canada, she was obliged to stay for 6 months more for the hospital, so i understood one more time like a good man.One day she asked me money because she was terribly sick,i wanted to join her in Zaporozhye, and suddenly she came to Kiev to see me.
I asked her documents for visa, then i understood something was strange,she was stressed about that!!!!!!!!!!
But i know now all informatons were bad on the French Visa.
I left for my country, because she promissed me she would come to me in March, after finishing hospital.
I was in my city and she asked me money for French lessons, shoes, a warm coat, for her father's birthday, and telling me all the time i love you,her parents were waiting for me.I sent one more time big money.
Now we are going to understand who is Nataliya Zelenskaya?
i send to her an email asking if i could come,it will be better if i'm there to help her for visa and international passports.
After more than a year, engaged, helping her for money, she sent me a bad letter like, don't come!! Don't call me for ever!! Don't email me!! I love you but i don't want you come here, find a woman of your country.
I was terribly SCHOCKED!!!!!
All were lies, she is not a doctor,i paid someone to know where she is really, she is a seller in a supermarket,she lied to me for all.

Michel (Canada)