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03-08-2016, 11:12 AM
Name: Anna Starostenko
DOB: 9 July 1987

this woman is the worst she actually meets with you after corresponding for a while and even answers your questions. I should have know something was up when even before we met she asked inderectly for money saying that she had an allergic reaction to hair & got very sick, even though she told me she worked as a hairdresser. That should have been a red flag. So after 9 month correspondence i went to meet her she insisted on meeting anywhere but her city where she lived, i thought this strange but i just thought she wanted to see a biger city as she comes from a small one. After meeting her and her friend who translated for us & spending time with her i fell in love and as i was serious in my intentions i asked her to marry me, i had bought the engagement ring back home and was ready if she said yes. She answered by saying that she needed to talk with her parents and would go back home to her city by train which of cause i had to pay, when i metioned that i would go with her she got upset and said she had to go alone and that she would come back if i sent her more money for the train of cause. She did come back after her interpreter friend wrote for her that she has agreed to marry me. So i sent her the money for the train and she did come back, i gave her the ring and some expensive gold neclace with pendant and matching bracelet. since then i have been sending her money so she does not have to work but she just keeps asking for more and seems to get sick and go to hospital alot for which she asks for hundreds of dollars for medicine, i did go back to see her this time in Kiev and she said she could not make love to me as she had some womans problems? which of cause i did not believe, but then after just one day she said her father was in hospital and she had to go back home to see him, when i said that i would go with her for support she got upset and said that she would not be able to think of love and that i was selfish that i wanted to go with her, she promised that she would come back in 2 days at the most of cause her friend would stay with me even thought she had her own appartment in the city. but then when i was being robbed by 2 girl con artists in kiev who put something in my drink at a cafe,& then walked me to my appartment which i can not remember much of, her friend told her i was with them and of cause this gave her a perfect excuse not to have to come back at all. yes she said she forgave me for what she thought happened but only before it was time for me to leave so i could keep sending her money and she even had not gotten her international passport which i had sent her $350 for 11 months ago, then she tells me that she used the money to buy her parents a washine machine and that she was afraid to tell me she had spent the money, and that now she wanted money to go and have a rest by the ocean. of cause when i asked her a rest from what she wrote back a letter saying that it was all over between us and that she was going to sell all the gold things i gave her including the engagement ring, i tried to talk to her but she just said you and me finished and laughed at me. this woman if you can call her that has stolen from me through deception over $18 thousand dollars for which i have all the western union payment orders for as proof. so she makes a man believe that she loves him but only if he can provide her with as much money as she asks for other wise she says that you don't love her and she will find another man that will give her as much as she wants. this is the worst type of scammer as she took 2 years from my life, making me think that she would marry me. It was so very cruel and at the end she just laughed at me. I have included photos of her and i hope that she does not do this to anyone again. I can't believe that the Ukrainian government does not do anything about these scammers it makes them all look bad and looses them alot of tourist dollars.

Very angry Marcel from Australia.