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03-08-2016, 11:25 AM
Date of birth: 10 April 1985

I wrote to Tatiana Burgelya through the Army of Brides. Before travelling for a vacation for Christmans, she put me in contact with Yana, her translator to find an apartment for me near where she supposedly lived in Tairovo. By the end of November, Tatiana had invited me to visit her in Odessa, and had said that she would spend as much time with me as possible. Tatiana was very serious about me in the letters. In late January, Tatiana had called Yana, and Yana had told me in an email that Tatiana was very serious about me. So, as Yana was unable to find an apartment, I arranged for an apartment near Tairovo, through a rental agency, and I left for Odessa. Yana contacted me, when Tatiana was back and ready to meet me. I had told her that I have to work on the internet from 4PM to 11PM during the workweek, and I could meet them in the mornings, but Yana insisted that we had to meet that day, so they agreed to meet at my apartment, while I was working on the internet. When they arrived, they stayed just outside the apartment and said that they could not meet in the apartment, and I immediately suggested the internet cafe a few blocks away, so I could work on the internet there and talk to them at the same time. I said I would have to close up my computer. One minute later, I came out with my jacket to walk to the internet cafe with them, but they had disappeared, and were not outside the building either. They were only at my door for about 20 seconds before splitting. As the internet was not connected to the phone, I waited for a call but did not get one, as I did not know exactly which building was the internet cafe, and I cannot read Russian. I emailed Yana, and the next day, she wrote a very rude and very wrong email to me and said that I was not the same man as the one who wrote to Tatiana on Army of Brides. On the evening, I hired my rental agent who hired a car to take me to Tatiana's address in Tairovo (as Tatiana had said she had no phone) to give her red roses and invite her to Valentine's dinner only to find out that she did not live there. Her mother gave my translator her cellphone number, and she called Tatiana who was at her residence (at 8:45PM during the work week), and my translator could hear Tatiana's Ukrainian boyfriend in the close background. When she asked Tatiana to meet us for Valentines Day dinner, Tatiana said that she had plans. A week later, my translator called Yana, who said that they had refused to meet me because Tatiana said that I was not dressed like a RICH man. First, it was very rude of them not to sit down and talk, especially after I travelled halfway around the world just to meet her, at my expense off time, effort and money. I had specifically told Tatiana in the Army of Brides emails (which Yana translated) that I was NOT rich. Also, I was wearing nice clothes, which were brand new for the meeting. After I had emailed Yana and insisted that I would file complaints with the US Embassy, Ukrainian police, Army of Brides and on Black Lists, unless they reimbursed me for some of my losses for the wasted trip, they showed up at my door one afternoon (and stayed outside the apartment), and Yana had said that Tatiana wanted to marry a rich man to take care of her so that she could spend money on whatever she wanted to and not have to work. Tatiana also said that she wanted to go to expensive resorts in Egypt and just lie on the beach. I had specifically told her in the Army of Brides letters, that I would never go anywhere in the Middle East, because it was not safe for Americans. So essentially, Tatiana is a gold-digger, and both Tatiana and Yana were both liars and were both very rude and inconsiderate. While I was in Odessa, I sent Army of Brides 15 email complaints including copies of the correspondence between me and Yana and full details of what had happened, but Army of Brides completely ignored me. Just recently, they finally acknowledged my complaints, but are refusing to even take Tatiana off the website. Army of Brides does not seem to care that I wasted almost $2,000 for the trip and 5 weeks of my time, as well as being exposed to a lot of X-rays, after being induced into visiting Tatiana by her lies.

John (USA)