View Full Version : Do you think all Asian Girls are gold diggers?

03-10-2016, 05:02 AM
I was trying to meet new girls at dating sites, and I found that all Asian girls want guys who make at least $70k or more.
Maybe not all, but they seem to prefer guys with money more than other girls.they also seem to only want really good looking guys.even average don't get the time of the day.

03-10-2016, 05:11 AM
Are you Asian or one of those dudes who fetishes them like hell? No they're not gold diggers. Don't go looking for one race. Its gross

03-10-2016, 03:26 PM
I would say 70% of them are gold diggers. In their culture they are raised to believe money is everything. For the male Asians it's even worse when it comes to money.

03-11-2016, 04:19 AM
No.. I'm not a stereotypical person and I believe that many girls of all races are gold diggers. Its not about race it's about personality.

03-11-2016, 04:26 PM
What do you think everyone else is going to be? Not all Asian Women are gold diggers.