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03-10-2016, 02:36 PM
Locations: Nikolaev and Odessa

I was in a relationship with this lady for 1.5 years starting in March 2014. It took her til November 2015, when I found out she was USING my money, LYING to me, BETRAING me, and CHEATING on me behind my back.

I have visited Ukraine February 2015, to take Nelly on special Valentine's date. As she was originally, according to Nelly, to arrive in Canada Christmas 2014. But she never showed up. She said she got sick on the flight from Odessa to Warsa, so she returned to Nikolaev to find from her Doctor, she had pneumonia. She was hospitalized for 1.5 weeks or so. And of course, for some reason she was unable to respond to my 20+ letters I sent her, as she never told me she was in the hospital until AFTER she got out of the hospital. Even though, the hospital has WIFI, for some reason she did not tell me she never made it Canada. We originally met on Anastasia Date.com. I spent thousands of dollars chatting with Nelly, video chat, live Camshare, etc. I also spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars sending Nelly roses, balloons, teddy bear, more roses, a gold pendant, all from the dating site.
As I understand Ukrainian women are supposed to be honest, trusting and the best wife a man can find. However, Nelly is the exception, as she is clearly a GOLD-DIGGER, using me for lots of cash money, gifts she needed for paying house mortgage, food, school supplies for her son, dresses for herself, and mountain bike that I sent money for this August 2015 for her son.

When I was in Nikolaev with Nelly, she was working supposedly two jobs, so she saw me for lunch almost everyday, but the weekends we were inseperable, just like a loving couple should be. However, in September I sent Nelly a letter asking about her days off for Christmas break. As Nelly had said to me many times she wanted to introduce me to her parents. And I wanted to ask her fathers blessing to ask Nelly to marry me this Christmas 2015. But to my SHOCK, Nelly sent me a letter saying she is not interested in romantic relationship with a foreign man, as she has decided to live her life in Odessa. Nelly said to me, that she is native Ukrainian woman and will live her life in Ukraine. I could not argue this point, even though it broke y heart. Nelly had already deleted her profile from Anastasia Date, so I thought this letter from her was the truth.

Nelly's letter was received in mid-September, and I decided to continue my search for a woman that will marry a foreign man,. Then SHOCKINGLY, I find Nelly has started not 1 but 4 foreign dating profiles, CharmDate, Loveme, FinBride and Bridge-of-Love. All the photos are brand new taken summer 2015. And just so you know, summer 2015, Nelly was asking me to support her financially. Which I did once again, and as you can see, Nelly is a complete LIAR, and BETRAYING scum of the earth woman from Ukraine. SHe is NOT serious about finding a soul mate, she is serious about finding a millionaire for MONEY.

You will find that her profiles, she looks for respect from a man, while Nelly gives NO RESPECT in return. She is appealed by a man that obtains his goals easily, even though for Nelly her goals are very minimal. You will understand Nelly, clearly if you see she is NEVER wrong, she is always right. At least, that's what Nelly thinks. Also, Nelly has the ability to start arguments even though she always says she wants to live in peace.

My advice, Nelly is a complete FAKE, a real GOLD-DIGGER, using mens hearts, money, life and time invested in her. Which is ALL a complete waste of time. DO NOT talk to her, DO NOT send Nelly gifts, as you will GET NOTING in return, no SEX, no LOVE, just heartache and loss.

Elbert (Canada)