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03-10-2016, 02:53 PM
Location: Kyiv (Bucha) Ukraine

Olga is very good. She will write letters for many many months. In my case it was 8 months. This was an unusual length of time and I was convinced of a real person. I one time sent a small amount of chocolate and 2 baseball caps and told her to take a picture wearing it and send it back. (This is a good gimmick for those that want proof of reality)She did not, but her son did, and that was enough to convince me that she was real. We spoke of my coming to Bucha and she asked if I could send some money so that she could go to the saloon before I arrived. I did, and sent a little extra as she wanted to meet me at the airport($230). I made the trip to Kiev thru Frankfort from Chicago (mind you I have airline free passes and round trip was only $150.00 dollars.) Olga said she would meet me at the Airport and she did with her cousin and husband. The ride was about 45 minutes to an hour from the Airport I put $37 dollars of gas in their car as an offering. The three of them took me to an apartment that they arranged for me. They then told me that the Apartment was $60.00 dollars per night and that the car was rented so I owed them $430.00 dollars. We wnt for a meal and of course I paid. Then back to the apartment and see you tomorrow. The next day we went to the tennis court club and again I paid for 4 people. Olga asked me if I would buy a sweat pants and shoes for her son as he need them every morning for his boxing lessons. I declined the $150 dollar expense, stating that our friendship is not based on money. After that, we went food shopping and it cost me $200.00 dollars. Olga divided the food in to two bags in the back of the taxi which made it obvious I had just bought food for two family's. Then I was dropped off at the apartment about 5pm....24hrs after I arrived, and see you tomorrow, I will cook some food as I promised and bring it to you in the morning. I started to feel that I was bleeding money and packed my bag and got ready to return to the Airport. I found 2 English speaking Students and ask them to call a taxi for me to return to the Airport and find out how much. they reported that the long ride back was about $20 dollars (Olga charged me $100 which included the gas). I asked the two youths if they could analyze the apartment and tell me its value per night. They told my It might only be 60 dollars per week if that much (Olga charged me $60 dollars per night for 6 nights in advance) Olga is a school teacher and perhaps earns $75.00 dollars per month. A good teacher only earns %200 per month in Ukraine. If you go see Olga keep all the above in mind. Get a hotel on your own and don't fall for her rented car scam. The car was not rented. It was old and beat up with beach towels in the trunk. At hour 27 after I arrived I WAS OUT OF THERE! i went to Kiev and found a great city with great people and My hotel room was $18 dollars per night. Olga is a poor girl supporting a 14 year old boy both of which are displaced from Donbass in the east. I guess you can't blame her. Kiev is a safe city. I will return as I had a wonder full time after the first 24 hrs of bleeding money. :))

David (USA)