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03-11-2016, 01:27 PM
Date of birth: 10 April 1978

Let's tell you my history, I will tell you the "history" as short as possible.
I saw this girl at elenamodels at the group of "Doctors", I never wrote her using this WEB site.
I went to Ukraine to meet some women and the owner of one local Agency in Kiev was assisting me to meet these women and also most of the times she was my interpreter. Her name is Julia, an excellent professional.
Almost the last day, I supposed to meet one girl but she did not show up, then, "Julia" offer me to change the plans and call one girl who is a Doctor and she may be available to meet her.
Well, this girl was Ludmila Samborskaya. I met her, she did not speak English at all, she was very smart during the conversation (assisted by Julia), she was the "perfect" girl that a man wishes to get married, pretty, tall, smart, sexy, etc. She told me that she has a little boy (4 yo). I really felt in love with this girl and I decide to stay in Kiev one more day.
The second day, I met her again, but she show up with her sister Anna Samborskaya (I did not know until now, that both of them are working together, it was a very good strategy", her sister was speaking a good English and I can say, I really felt in love on Ludmila, and I decide to continue writing her once I returned to USA.
SHE NEVER ASKED ME FOR MONEY, she just said, "MC, I would like to learn English, but it cost $400.00 per month and it is too expensive for me, counting that I have a little baby and also being divorced without any help than herself", well, I called her sister Anna to let her know that I will send the money to Ludmila to start the English Classes (Private at her home).
I was always asking for the "Teacher phone number", she always said, "MC, What happen?, do you want to get married with me and you do not trust on me?".
Well, I continue sending money for a total of $1,600, then, I stopped it. Why?, because, she did not improve her English knowledge at all, I was always calling to her sister to communicate something to her, she write me e-mails very seldom, she always have a problems with her son, her mother, her work, the dog, etc etc. All her e-mails was trying to made me as "guilty", she NEVER asked money, but she was insinuating (in the smart way) for help with money, example, she wrote an e-mail telling "MC, soon will be my birthday, and I do not have boots, my winter boots are gone". (For sure, at that time, I started to be suspicious with her).
She started to be in a hurry to meet me, she wants to change her life and come to me, but how we can meet?, I suggest her to meet in Venezuela, a Caribbean country which I know very well.
She agrees with that and we started with the preparation of the meeting.
Her "main" connection was her sister Anna, inclusively, I suggested her that "Julia, the owner of the Local Agency", can find the tickets to make her travel arrangements more easily.
She was not agreeing, she convinced me that she has a very good "Travel Agency" which will arrange the "Venezuelan Visa", tickets and everything else.
I received her e-mail saying "I have everything ready, she sends me the schedule of the arrival to Caracas, she asked for $400.00 for "Visa fee" and $ 1,270 for the tickets from Kiev to Caracas (round trip).
I sent the $ 1,700 the same.
She send me an e-mail "confirming she had received the $1,700", I have the WESTERN UNION receipt and the "proof of Identity" sent by WU when she approached to get the money in Kiev.
Since then, she never sent any e-mail again, I was calling her many times, she "answer" her phone, but this time she was upset with me, she said sometimes "I am busy, Its is too late, I am at the bed, etc", I called her sister Anna, (Before she was very nice with me), she was also upset, the last thing she said "Call her directly, do not call me anymore".
I immediately called "Julia" to please call Ludmila and talk with her about the trip, Julia called Ludmila to ask the "Travel Agency" phone number, Ludmila was aggressive with Julia, she deny to give any Travel Agency information, she said to Julia "She is waiting for the Venezuelan Visa which was requested in Warsaw Poland".
At that moment, I was totally sure that I was SCAMED for this woman, I called to the Venezuelan Embassy in Warsaw and after 30 minutes talking, the final answer was "Sir, nobody with that name have asked any VISA, also we just give VISAS to the local people from Poland and not from Ukraine".
Julia called again Ludmila, she refused to talk with her, finally Julia advise if she does not talk with her, I will filled up a "Police Report" and also, Julia will prosecuted her trying to protect me as a Client.
After almost 6 conversations between Julia and Ludmila, she (Ludmila) final words was "If he try to prosecute me, I will say that he was trying to bring me to Venezuela and USA to sell me for "slavery", also, she said "I will never return his money, he have caused me a huge suffering after his travel's cancellation and also this money will pay my psychological issues he have caused to me". Then later, she said, I will return his money if he comes to Kiev, then the second day, she called Julia and ask her "How much money MC will give to you to recovery his money?". Julia was totally upset and exhausted, she could not believe that somebody can steal my money in front her nose.
Finally, Ludmila and her sister Anna, they knew what to do since the beginning, Ludmila never contract a "English teacher", because at the end, she could not speak even a "Hello" in English, the only word she knew in English was "Money".
Being a professional guy, who was trusting in a woman that I met, my primary investigations did not show her as a gold-digger, how can be possible that this gold-digger invents something like "I was trying to bring her to USA to sell her for "slavery"?, well, I do not have words.
I was really felt in love on her, I was ready to ask the FIANCEE visa for her and her son, thanks God it happens before, I lost 6 months of my time, I lost $ 3,300.00, but I believe this STOLEN money will become "nothing" on her hands.
Please put her "primary" photo at the gold-diggers list, I am in the process with the American Embassy in Kiev to include her name and her sister into the USA Embassy BLACK LIST, so, I will be sure she will never come to this country, plus WESTERN UNION has her name into the BLACK LIST already.