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05-25-2016, 12:19 PM
I corresponded for eight months and all was fine so I decided to go to see her. (I have Airline passes so the Airfair was of little concern) She said she would pick me up at the airport, and did so with her cousin and husband. Durning the one hour ride to her town and to the apartment see arranged for me, I kindly offered to buy $34.00 Gas for their car. After arriving at the apartment, her conversation was that of prepaid rent of 6 days on the apartment at $60.00 per day that I owed them plus $65.00 for the car rental. All total was $425.00. The car was old and beaten up so that was not a car rental. The apartment was valued at $60.00 per week if even that much. I had that apartment evaluated by a local resident. We went food shopping twice for a total of $210.00 in food. Each time the food was divided into two bags in the trunk(boot) of the Taxie to serve the cousins family and her family. After staying in the apartment alone the first night I was then facing another lonely night the second as she indicated she would return the next morning with the cooked food that I paid fore. I decided to return to the Airport which cost $25.00 dollars in a taxi. (1/4 the cost of her rented car which belonged to her cousin). Rather than fly home I decided to see Kyiv on my own and had a wonderful time while staying at a 4 star hotel for $18.00 per night. The hotel was great and 1/3 the cost of the bad apartment she said she rented. Kyiv was great and I can''t wait to return......with out a visit to Olga. All total with gifts and takings I''m out about $1000.00 dollars. A small price to pay for the benefit of the long term. I was away from Olga within 24 hrs after arrival. This women has alot of patience for 8 months. Recommendation; If you go to see a foreigner, stay at a hotel and don''t let them pick you up at the Airport.

David (USA)