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05-27-2016, 03:30 PM
Aka: Helen
Date of birth: 12 February 1976

Met on Harmony Dating she contacted me, invited me to met her in Europe as she was visiting her parents who had moved to Prague. originally planned to go together to Barcelona, but as i was paying for everything and i hadn't met her I said that we should meet first in Prague.
On the First night we went to a restaurant, which was called Kampa Park, it turned out to be the most expensive restaurant in prague, this made me aware that this was probably a gold digger, but played along, but more on my guard. Spent four nights together in Prague, and had a good time.
She said she had applied for a visa to visit England and would be there next month. She said she had already bought tickets and would bring her son. A week before she said she was not going to get the visa unless she paid them $2000, would I pay. I said no, but if she borrowed the money, maybe once she was here I might reimburse her towards it.
Miraclously she found the money from somewhere (as if there really was any money to find) Then at the last minute she had problems with the visa and it was going to come one day after the flights that she had already booked.
She asked me to arrange flights. I found a cheaper one way flight and booked this. But then she said that unless she had a return flight Ukrainian customs wouldnt let her out the country. She told me she had just got a six month visa, as if they wouldnt let her out of the country!!!
I did book a return flight for them, and met them at the airport. They were here for 11 days, and i only saw them at that first meeting at the airport. She never made any effort to see me after she met her family who were staying in Brighton. Was tempted to cancel the return flights and the temptation proved too much in the end so I did. Had some nasty messages after that, but i think if you play with fire you might get burnt!!

John (UK)