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05-27-2016, 03:36 PM
We exchanged 130 letters on anastasiadate who is a dating/marriage website. We also meet on a really fantastic date in kiev that only lasted two houres du to her having to go on a singing tour. We hold hands rather much during the date and laugh allot also. unfortunatly we did only meet one time but it was such a good date we spoke about it for a long time again and again.
Actual it was extremly anoying to travel from Denmark to ukraine and meet her for 2 houres and then just sit there and wait 1 week for my airplane and go home ;-( But the memory of her was amazing.
Eeverything started going slow down hill for us. Lyubov have always been extremly secret about her life and pretty much never in 130 letters told me much personal about her self or her career. The only reason for me to keep corrosponding with her was due to our fantastic date that I personaly thought was very special and fantastic.
Anyway I was ofcourse interested in meeting lyubov again so I tried to setup a new meeting but without luck.. 5 days before I arrived in kiev she surdenly had to go on a new singing tour so we could not meet.. I then cancel my trip and lost my money.
Next I tried again to make a new trip taking a chance to meet her, but again no success and she became really angry when the agency called her and asked if she had time to meet me. Again I lose my airplane ticket and lost some money. To make a long story short I tried to plan a new trip 2 more times in november and february but every time she was busy with something...
Then I started to become suspecious since she always ignore my question about when we could meet again and to make a long story short I tried to ask her every 3-4 weeks when she have time to meet me again, now that she write she like me and is interested in me. As I said she ignore the question or gave me an answer that not really answer anything again and again. Also she constant talk about her not having time due to being on singing tours ect.
However I find it rather strange that someone who like anothers persons company cannot put an X in a calender and find the time during a 1 year period of time.
Anyway I started to investigate who lyubov really was and found her social profile on VK.com and I also found her number 2 dating website profile on tornado-of-love.
We are not talking and I travel to kiev to meet someone els than Lyubov since she did not have time for me.

Peder (Denmark)