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05-29-2016, 02:42 PM
I first met Irina Sharapova, (sharapik85) Date of Birth January 10, 1985, early in January 2016. She had requested an interpreter, the interpreter's name is Lena Litvinenko. I think they may be good friends, kind of like partners in crime. They are friends on Facebook.

The first visit went well. We spent about 4 days together. We decided that Irina would take English lessons and then come and visit me.

A week after returning she requested money for English lessons. The price seemed to be like to going rate, so I decided to take a risk and sent her the money.

Later she claimed that her pay had been cut at work. A few weeks later she wanted some money for back massages. A few months earlier she stated that she did from time to time have back problems. So I decided to help her out.

Then she sent me some photos which had been taken by her friend, a photographer. They reminded me of the photos you see on sites such as anastasiadate. She was not hiding the fact that hey had been taken. Her facebook page, and vk page had one of these new photos on them. So I did not think too much of it.

Then she lost her job at the money exchange. It got shut down at the end of April. I had already discussed coming to see her in May, due to the issues with getting a tourist visa.

I went to see her again in May 2016. She said that she wanted the interpreter for 2 days as her English was better, but was not conversational yet. Since she had mentioned about meeting her parents, I thought that would be okay, and I said that I did not expect her to interpret between myself and her parents. When I arrived I asked about meeting her parents, and I got a non committal response.

After 2 days I had not met her parents, and I decided to cut her lose, and tell her that I did not want to see her again. The look on her, and the interpreter's face was priceless. So she set up a meeting with her parents the next day.

The meeting with parents went well. The fathers name is Mikhail, I did not catch her mothers name. They seemed to be interested in me, and seem to know about me.

The final day I spent with her, by herself. She can speak English well enough. She likes Karaoke a lot, I did a lot of Karaoke with her and she likes to drink excessively.

I got home and I was questioning if I should continue with this lady due to the excessive drinking and other reasons. I got an request a week after getting home for 300 to 400 dollars to be sent to her. I told her that I might be able to help with 100 dollars, but she would need to call on skype to discuss this. I was told that she was too busy to talk on skype.

I then received a demand for 200 dollars to be sent to her that day. I was told that boyfriends in Ukraine support their girlfriends, and that her previous boyfriend had done this. She told me that she needed this for rent. This was despite the fact that the had just started a new job, and was only without work for a couple of weeks, and also she owns property which she rents (for 5000grv), and the rent covers her to rent a room (1600grv). I called her out of this.

I then sent her some screen images from anastasia date. I had seen more of the photos which had been taken when I was there with her, and I was sure that I would find them on that website. She had uploaded 40 images, plus videos, plus a private image. She told me that she joined that site, as it would help with visa, and that she did not know the login to it. Yeah righ, upload 40 photos to find visa information.

Now she says we not longer have a future together due to mistrust etc. She is not wrong there. So avoid this girl, she cannot be trusted.