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02-21-2017, 12:55 PM
Born: 1988-05-30

I met Alina on Elenas Models about one year ago. I have been to her in Kiev and lived with her as man and husband as we were meant to be. WE was going to engage this summer and she move to me in Norway this autumn. From the beginning she was very demanding about money and gifts but she was so gorgeous and had such hand with me that she could fool me for a while. To make this short I was going to meet her and live with her on a luxury apartment I rented and I was so welcome to her.. I felt something was wrong and when I checked Elenas Models she had registered there again with new fresh photos I did not have!!:( I did not even get it with 20 flower deliverys.. Two months earlier she had demaned me for two months rent for $ 764 for an apartment she did not even have.... She is the most selfish stone cold person I have ever met. And I have met scammers before and posted them here. She also demanded an 1 carat princess cut diamond ring with 18 carat white gold for 6000 Euro as engagement ring...She would not accept less!! At the same time she had a bunch of other guys at the same time. All about money and gifts and this is her way of supporting herself.
This is a dangerous woman and I don't want my fellow men fall victims for her. Because they will if they meet her! For how long depends about their experience in women and dating.

Arne (Norway)