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05-18-2017, 01:15 PM
I regret to inform you that Babit Ladrera is a gold-digger. There are actually two people working this game. The first is Emmalyn Camazura. Apparently she sets up the profile and directs the contacts to her accomplice, Babit Ladrera.
When I first met one of these ladies (I'm not sure which one it was) on Date In Asia, the age on the profile was 28, but I noticed later that she changed it to 23. The profile is for Ladrera, but her true age is 19. Ladrera admitted to me that she has been on many internet sites since she was 13 years old. Camazura set her up on them, she told me, by letting Babit use her logons.
Whether it is Ladrera or Camazura making initial contact, one thing is true. They ask for money within the first few messages for an internet connection at home, saying that they want to maintain contact instead of using an internet cafИ. They did the same thing on cebuanas.com, asked for money in the first few messages.
These two have a post on almost every Filipina dating site on the internet and other Asian sites as well. All of the profiles on these sites which Ladrera copied from someone else''s profile, contain false information about Ladrera. They misrepresent Ladrera's true age and there are other discrepancies as well. I think the initial photo is Camazura's. Ladrera has changes her photo on sites to one that is actually of her. The only site where I can't find a profile is blossoms, but that is because they assign a member number instead of having the user choose a logon name. They found the profile by using Camazura's email address.
When Ladrera establishes a relationship with a man, she continually tries to scam other men as well. I know because we have been engaged to be married when I visited her on Mindanao. One week after I returned from that visit, she was in Manila meeting with one of Date In Asia''s members. I imagine you can contact him for comment. Ladrera was not happy with that encounter as she related it to one of my friends who has a post on Cebuanas. She told me that she was never in Manila when I questioned her about it and that she lied to my friend about the meeting.
I learned of Ladrera's and Camazura's continuous scamming activity from my friend on Cebuanas after I had returned from the Philippines. I had trusted that Ladrera was telling me the truth about how she loved me and how she wanted to be married to me when I was with her for our personal meeting. Now I know that most of what she told me has been nothing but lies. Needless to say, I will not be applying for a fiancИe visa.
It is a great shame that the actions of these two women cast such a dark shadow on all of the honest girls looking for mates on dating sites too.

Thank You

Chad (USA)