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08-21-2017, 12:46 PM
Looking for a date or a relationship with a man,
aged 35‑60

How are you doing? Am very happy to have your e-mail and i will like to know you more... let me tell you a little bit about me.My name is Jane am 30 yrs old, black Hair, I'm 5'6" ft height,single never married,no kids am a Nurse,Am from Arizona Tempe. i was born there but am presently now in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia :liar: ..Do you mind long distance relationship. I'm real shy until i get to know you then I'm like a whole different person, I'm fun and very easygoing, i like camping, movies, dinning out, night walks anywhere... I'm tanned skin, love to listen to music, dance.. I'm a jovial person, I'm into romance and simple things of life, i love cooking, swimming, traveling. I love to get home made gifts, I have a big heart and I fall in love easily, but often fall for the wrong people. I like to party but I'm more of a cuddle up and watch a movie at home kind of girl. I'm not a morning person. I am laid back and love hanging out with my friends, I'm usually never home. I dance around my room in only my underwear. I'm sarcastic but love able. I do believe in God, and I love music.
What am looking for in a man.I'm looking for a man who is very kind,honest,hardworking and trustworthy,loyal,loving,faithful,caring and God Fearing at all time.some one who I can have fun with and share interests with and most importantly, learn from,and should be open-minded, not to judgmental, enjoy giving and receiving affection, support, and cuddling and just be yourself. Have a desire to be more, but content with what you have. A sense of humor and discovery is important as well as a love for food. I know respect and trust are earned and not instant and it takes time, A good starting point is with communication and good friendships.
I am open-minded, very health-conscious, cheerful.. I am very sincere in finding my other half in the near future. If you are similarly sincere and looking for good woman then I hope you will give me a chance.. I am down-to-earth, loving, very respectful, and know how to treat a man. If you are truly looking for a loving, pleasant, cheerful, health-conscious woman that you can have a wonderful, fulfilled life with, then look no further.I would love to have a faithful, loving man and will do everything possible to have a wonderful relationship that is based on love and mutual respect Thank you so much i will like to know you more and more if you can tell me more about yourself i will very happy.Hope to hear from you soonest..


How are you doing? Good morning to you over there? How was your night hope you had a nice rest...I can understand that you are so busy that is why i did not hear from you,how was your sailing..Well like i told you that am seriously looking for soul mate that i can be with for the rest of my have been looking for the right but all what they want is making love with me and leave me without having any plan for me,and have been hurt before and i keep telling God that he should send me the right man for me that is why am on site searching for the right man for me life..Thanks for telling me what are the things you like and you are looking for,Well we can give it a trail i believe in God and i know he will do something good,So what do you like doing at your leisure time..Is nice meeting you i will so glad if we can continue like these and see where it take us too,Am not here for game am seriously looking for soul mate...What is your time schedule at work so that we can know time to be meeting online to chat i think that we make us come closer more but chatting and online my work schedule is from 8am to 2pm here i think you can check the time over there so that you can know time different okay..Nice meting you again am new to these and you will be the first man i will be chatting with from site i hope you will not hurt me at the end..Hope to hear from you soonest..