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01-12-2016, 10:19 PM
Name: Ekaterina Mikhailova
Age: 41
Location(s): St.Petersburg (Russia)

I have a relationship for 2 years and spend at least 16000?(studie/material things/casch money).After diploma she will come to studie in Belgium.i gave her all dokuments when she came to visit me and she also ask 1200? that she take from her girlfriend in Finland(Ekstrom Svetlana).i also buy her a Rado watsch(1200?)for burtsday.Last week they visit me together and Katja stay's some day's more;it was also for money and clothes.She leaves Brussel and ask me to arrange 14 day's holiday's.She sent sms that she had an American visa for 6 months and will go to study in the USA.This morning sms back that she is already at the airport to go.

By Joseph from Belgium