View Full Version : Ekaterina Zaporozhenko from Nikolaev Ukraine

08-31-2017, 12:48 PM
She asked me for money indirectly and buying stuff from uk before meeting and i did it just to test her.then i have sent 200$ first she was begging and crying that iam pennyless i dont have money because i bought too many gifts for my family members and friends. then she said i like to have international possport to come with you to see your family and iam sure i love them. i said okay how much does it cost ,she said 150$ i have sent it.
later on she told me we dont have too many good quality stuff in ukraine could kindly buy me hand bags watches bath cream laptop and so on .i said not a problem i can do it for you because i want you. she said can you send it to me because i need laptop to do web chat with you every night at home. i said not aproblem i did it for her i thought she is okay and family oriented girl as she mentioned everything with me through emails.
i set out to meet her once i arrived nikolaev she came to me after three hours and she said i need to pay for the taxi to get her public transport its not good .i said okay here is 100$ just spend it for that reason. she took it tha money and with her laptop,and the rest of the gifts by two trips she made then straight away took me to the expensive restaurants every day when i was stayed and she changed her direction towards boutique shops for buying stuff for her however i spent more than 1000$ in the uk for buying stuff for her she did not satisfy with all she needed to have more like four handbags four different styles of watches ring necklace and jewellary i did not say i dont i told her okay go for it just pick up the things which you like it and i pay not aproblem intotal i have spent another 2000$ for her apart from restaurants and taxi's fare. she was pretending herself that she interested in me all the time she said OMG you are with me now its dream or real!!!
two days before i left nikolave she took me to supermarket to buy other stuff which was belong to her family and i spent another 100$ for them.
anyway, two days before i left her i told her because you are getting busy with your work and your dad's surgery dont make yourself too much busy i want you just hear your voice you dont need to come to see me , right away she texted me she said iam available to meet you not a problem i said to her no please do the other things which is more important than meeting me because i know you and already i have met you. she said okay but i need internet for the laptop can you help me with it. i said ok she came to me and i paid her 300$ after that moment i contacted her many times only she contacted twice without any good feeling of love between us. in the night of my leaving date i have sent her sms to say good bye i will depart tonight and already she knew that but even did not send me and text in advance when i sent her text she did not reply like before spending money and meeting she ignored .i was waiting for more than an hour to reply unfortunately,she did not. then i got angry i have sent her another text i said why you dont answer you have changed your mind if iam right let me know .
straight away she texted me very rude she said respect my time and my family you have to learn how to respect!!!i was shocked when i received such a text like that before she was begging me if i got angry but after all i have done it with her she humiliated me for nothing.
i said please calm down whats wrong with you . on the next day i was in kiev and i was worried about her i phoned her to tell her what was happened yesterd. she did not answer then she texted me she said iam working however she told me alredy i will be very busy with my dad.
she told me iam at work now , then i could not believe that i phoned her she picked up the phone and she was shouted on me she said dont phone me iam busy she hanged up the phone straight . then later she texted me she said you are now happy because they sacked me out from the job just because of your call and i answered .i said dont worry i can pay you double .she told me leave me alone i have to take a break for two days dont phone me and text me . i said ok when i arrived home ,after a few days she sent me email she said iam afraid from you because you are not a stable person she accused me that iam capricious and i dont trust you as easy like that . however i phoned her many many times she did not answer .
finally in total i ahve spent just for her 4000$ excluding my own expense and flight tckets and hotel.

Alan (United Kingdom)