View Full Version : Marina Neikova aka Maria Neykova from Odessa Ukraine

09-04-2017, 10:34 PM
Marina Neikova
Aka Maria Neykova
Odessa, Ukraine

She lives in Odessa and has 1 adult son, who has studied as a merchant marine officer. She claims to have completed two studies, one in hotel management and recent one as a lawyer.
She takes care of her self in a very good way. She claims she was the partner of a fashionshop in Odessa, the partner took off with the money and she is stuck with the debts. She does not move fast in het scamming, she takes her time and let you belive you are the only one. She will hardly let you into her private life, Even after dating for over 6 months and extensive visits to Odessa, she never invited me at her home. Photo's are hard to get and almost never photos are taken with the two of you. After months she claims she is in a financila difficult period and asks you for help, by that time you are in love, heads over heels and you start transfering money. After about 10 months of dating I got her cheating on me, she started dating other guys from dating sites. She does not do the regular stuff, like other gold-diggers, but she takes her time to get you ready for the money drain. Very often she breaks her word when it comes to visits.

Rudolf (Netherlands)