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09-08-2017, 03:15 PM
Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

Hello!!! I have received your letter and I am happy. I so want to know about you more. But I do not know from what to begin. I hope that I am pleasant to you. To me very pleasantly that you could decipher my address, I have left from site Matchaffinity. Other acquaintances are not necessary to me I hope that for you as, I get acquainted with you for serious relations.
I want to tell to you a bit more about myself. My name Svetlana. To me now 38 years, my birthday on July, 5th. I live in apartment with my parents. When I was 27 years old I has married, we were together 7 years in 34 years I Has divorced. After divorce we saw it, but now it has left in other city far enough and we do not see any more and we do not communicate. I will tell to you in more details a bit later why we have left, well? I ask to understand me in it. Whether as you would like to know there are at me children, are not present at me there are no children. I live in city Volhov. My work as the teacher, I teach a foreign language. I have started to use the Internet recently. Earlier as that had no time for it and it was not interesting to me. Earlier certainly I used it, but but not so is frequent, But time has changed now almost all communicate through the Internet and truth it is very good. I and think not could about that that I will to get acquainted through the Internet. But has decided to try. That you would want to learn about me??? Ask me, and I necessarily will answer you. I hope that you will send the photos. I would like to receive more them. Today I send you new photos. I hope that it is pleasant to you. Tell to me. What it is pleasant to you in women? What character? What should she be able? I very much would want to know. I hope that tomorrow I again will receive your letter and your photo. I will wait very much. You will not forget to write me the letter? I hope that was not present.
I very much wait.....
Your new girlfriend Svetlana