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02-05-2016, 03:54 PM
Full name: Natalia Rozhenko
Location(s): Kiev Ukraine

I found this woman in Marriage agency in Kiev, Ukraine at "International marriage agency".....
Oksana personally told me I should meet Natalia Rozhenko, arranged a meeting and we dated for 2 weeks. She would not be intimate with me but agreed to marry me at the end of 2 weeks. In the pursuing 3 months, we wrote about future plans, arranged wedding plans....everything. She even told me the kind of engagement ring she wished for. I bought her an almost perfect 1 ct. diamond engagement ring, several nice seductive bra and panty sets which she asked for from Victoria Secret. When I arrived in Kiev, she couldn't wait to get her ring and underwear. The next day we went to get wedding dress. She wanted it made personally to fit her. It, the hood, and shoes came to $1700.00 USD.The ring cost $4500.00 and the Underwear cost approx. $400.00 all USD. When I paid for the wedding dress, we went to nice lingerie shop and she picked out a $300.00 see through nightie mesh top which I paid for. We then had lunch. We were supposed to meet the next morning and go to marriage place to get license etc. She never would answer the phone. Two nights later, she called my translator and demanded to see me in 15 minutes in front of TGI Fridays. There was snow on the ground. It was late Feb. 2005...
When I got there, my translator, her boyfriend whom I knew waa standing there. Natalie was about 15 or 20 ft. away standing near a snow bank where snow had been scraped off of the street.
When she heard me, she turned around. I started walking toward her and just as I was about to ask her where had she been, she reached up and slapped me as hard as she could on the cheek, took a ring off of her finger and threw it in the snow bank.
She knew I would look for the ring and she quickly disappeared into the darkness. James, my translator's boyfriend found a ring in the snow. It was a cheap ring of some kind. She wanted my translator to think this was the ring I had bought her. It probably cost somebody about $25.00. I never did see her again and she would never answer my telephone calls. I reported everything to the police and also to the U.S.Embassy in Kiev.
She is a scammer and should be blacklisted on all web sites.
Also, I know that Oksana OSTROVSKAYA was in on this little caper because my translator called Natalia's cell phone number the night before she wanted to see me and Oksana OSTROVSKAYA answered Natalia's phone. She said Natalia was unavailable to talk to her. I was with my translator when she called. I had tried to call Natalia 10 minutes before while I was with my translator and she wouldn't answer me. She suggested waiting about 10 minutes and she would call her from her cell phone. I believe the INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE AGENCY is involved with these scammer girls and they should also be blacklisted.