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02-05-2016, 04:00 PM
Full name: Viktoria Hrytsak or Viktoria Gritsak
Location(s): Kiev, Uman (Ukraine)

This woman is a very professional gold-digger.
I have sended her a huge sum of money by Western Union 1350 US dollars, but I also bought a very expensive diamond engagemen ring for her( 2950 US dollars), new Pentium 4 computer for communicating with me, while I was making a fiancee visa for her, expensive cosmetics for her $185, two winter coats for her each more than $ 395, toys for her daughter, summer vocation for her and her daughter in Crimea approximately 3000 US dollars, I left her $ 700 when I was leaving Kiev for her and her daughter expensies, because I felt that they will be my family soon, after meeting with Viktoria and ther mom Ludmila and her daughter Anastasia I have sended them money every month $ 400 for 11 months, money for
visa-450 US Dollars, I gave Viktoria my credit card, which I made on her name so she could use it for her own and her daughter's expensis, I put her daughter at the most expensive privita school in Uman and many other things.
Be aware of this evil woman she is a professional pro-dater, she knows how to get money from your pocket! She is ready to give you anything you want like sex, fake love and fake affection, but be ready to pay a lot for these.