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02-05-2016, 04:06 PM
Dear Friends,
Many of us feel embarrassed and ashamed if we are scammed of fooled.
However I'm going to tell my story so all of you guy's who try to find a woman trough the net, will know what might happen. I have followed the advice not to send any money, but you can still get scammed. And, I hope you guys at the scammers site make a special link to this story so as many as possible will read it.
I found this girl at www.freepersonals.ru. We started to communicate in beginning of June and continued for three months. She did not writ any long letters, we talked quite a lot on the phone. She wanted me to come and se her from the very beginning. She never asked for any money! So, I made my plans to visit her in Kherson Ukraine in beginning of September. I had some frequent traveller miles I could use, they some would have expired at and of August anyway. She had offered to help to rent an apartment for me and she had arranged for her "brother" Andrй to come and meet me with her to the airport. And I had agreed to Pay 40$ per day for a two room and kitchen apartment. And, I had promised to pay 50$ to her "brother" for taking me from the airport in Odessa to Kherson, an 180km ride.
Uliya had sent a photo of her "brother" and his wife Larissa. So when I arrived at 2 PM to Odessa. Andrй and his wife Larissa met me at the airport. They told be that Uliya wanted to prepare. Our meeting and did therefore not come to meet me to the airport. Some bell was ringing for me, but not loud enough. I should have stopped right there. But, I thought their explanation was logical, so I went with them. Even if the distance isn't more than 180km, it's taking up to four hours, because of the bad road and heavy traffic. So we finally arrived to Kherson about 6:30 PM.
Andrй said we're going to his wife's sister to pick ups some things needed in the apartment Uliya had rented for me. We were now in the suburbs of Kherson, some blocks of Soviet Union time concrete condominium houses which all looked like they still were under construction. In the apartment Larissa's sister and her wife Anatoli and their daughter Alyssa met us.
Later their son came home as well. They told me Uliya would join us later.
We all sat down in the kitchen, a welcome snaps, Ukrainian vodka, was served. Andrй and Larissa spoke a little bit English, Anatoli a little German. So we talked about this and that and the atmosphere was good. They wondered where Uilya was, when she didn't show up.
Once in a while one or two of them went to another room. After a while they told me they are worried about Uliya, because she had not come.
Larissa's sister was crying a bit and Andrй told me that it's because she'
s worried that something ahs happened to her. Abdrй apologized for his sister not coming as agreed. At this time I started to realize that all of this was a set-up, a play for the scam I had been lured into.
And, I started to get worried about my own safety. I was in somebody's apartment in a Kherson suburb concrete condominium complex, with two well shaped Ukrainian men.
I could not have done anything, if they would have turned violent to me.
Andrй said that they would take me to the apartment Uliya had rented for me, but before that Anatoli wanted to have the rent money. He had arranged the apartment from his boss, I was told. And, Andrй wanted the money that was agreed for driving me from Odessa. So I paid as I had agreed with Uliya in our communication by e-mail, before my trip.
Andrй, Larissa and Alyssa would come with me to the apartment to wait for Uliya. And, off we went. The sunny weather had turned to thunder and rain.
Like in a thriller movie, when it's getting exciting. The apartment was nor fat away, but in a similar Soviet time condominium complex as we just left. We came in to the apartment, Andrй explain that this was good by Ukrainian standards. In the kitchen there was a note with some times written? I was told that that's the times when you can get water. They asked me if I get water in my kitchen al all times. They asked if I wanted to have tea or coffee, Alyssa started to prepare tea for herself, she felt frozen. Again Andrй apologized for the behaviour of her sister. He said that this kind of behaviour is not usual to her. Larissa went to the other room and made some phone calls.
After a while she came back crying, all in tears. She said something in Russian to Andrй and kept on crying. Andrй told me that Uliya had called to Larissa's sister and told that she did not want to meet me. She had changed her mind. He asked if I would be interested to perhaps meet some other woman. And, he told me that Alyssa, who was 16-17 years old, could keep me company, daytimes. The atmosphere was no quite different from was it had been an hour and a half before. I felt very scared. I dared not to drink the coffee I was served, I was afraid that they would put some drugs in the beverage so I would pass off and be robbed. So I did not drink anything. I told Andrй that I had understood a long time ago was this all was about and told them to stop acting. He said that he don not understand what I meant. I did not want to irritate him in any way and I told him that I would not stay in the apartment and I wanted to go to a hotel. I also asked him if he could drive me back to Odessa the following day. He made some phone calls, to Anatoli he said, to check if it would be possible. After the call he said that he could take me to the hotel but he could not drive me to Odessa. He had to go to work. But, Anatoli could arrange a taxi for me. However, I would have to pay 50$ for the arrangement, in advance right now. I told him to forget about the taxi and just take me to the hotel. I told him that I would arrange the ride to Odessa myself. He also wondered why I did not want to stay in the apartment I had paid for. The hotel would cost me more money he explained.
Eventually I was taken to the hotel where I wanted to go. Andrй was very polite; he carried my suitcase from the car and assisted me at the front desk with my room reservation.
And, once again, before he left, he apologized for his sister's behaviour, and said that that is something he can't do anything about.
Early next morning I got a taxi arranged by a very helpful receptionist. A driver, originated from Armenia, who turned out to be a really nice and helpful on my return trip to Odessa.
During the carried I started to mace arrangement to get a return flight, the same day if preferred. And, I can tell you that a mobile phone is worth millions in these circumstances.
I was able to get a flight back home at 3 PM the same day.

If some of you guys were planning to meet some woman you have been corresponding with, I would give you the following advice.

1.If the woman you're supposed to meet, don't show up as agreed. Stop there! Don't follow with anybody else. This will save you from a lot of trouble.
2.Don't agree to let anybody make arrangements, which you promise to pay upon arrival, for apartments or transfers at your destination.
3.Agree to meet only at a your own hotel or in a well known place, restaurant or cafй, where you have other people around you.
4.Don't go into a car ride, somebody you don't know, have arranged for you.
5.Inform at least one friend, you can trust, where you are and what your plans are. If they don't hear from you as agreed, they can start looking for you. Otherwise nobody knows, if you're in trouble.
6.Keep always a mobile phone with you. You can make and receive calls. And you can be traced if needed.