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02-05-2016, 04:21 PM
I originally met Victoria on globaldies. We wrote many letters through the agency. I noticed on of her letters was signed Ekaterina. I did not know why, so I asked in my reply letter why it was signed Ekaterina. I asked 2 times and Victoria replied it was the thranslators mistake. My thought now is if the translator was translating these letters as I was paying them to do, how could they let this get by them since I asked 2 times about it. Victorias last letter gave me her phone number and mailing address. She eventually got a new number because I said the connections was bad. I visted her in Kiev, we took pictures with my digital camera. Katerina was always calling her. Probably because they are gold-diggers and have to do this. Maybe her phone range 10-20 times in an hour. I spent one week with her. She asked me to buy her a ring and commit to being her man and future husband. I bought her a $800 ring. She wrote me a nice handwritten letter before I left that she loved me and can only dream of being with me. She told me the last day in Kiev her birthday was July 24. I returned to the USA to she then asks me to send money for her birthday. I sent the $500 she asks me for. About a week later she writes she needs a dentists soon. She keeps asking for the money even though I told her I had no money. She then says if I am her man I need to help her.
She was always asking for money for internet, food, and phone. I sent alot of moeny for these things. Then In Sept she asks if I would like to go on vacation in Dominican Republic with her. She ask for $3000. I tell her no its too expensive and that there are too many hurricanes now. She then Asks if I could send money for USA visa she could come to visit me. So I thought this would be good because I would not have any expenses of my travels. I did not know it is impossible to get travelors visa. I sent the $3000 for the visa. When I asked for the day she would come she would tell me she has not been informed yet. She write a letter in late October she is ill and has pain in her stomache. I then recieve a letter from Katerina Oleynyk. at katmar16@mail.ru asking for money because Victoria needs surgery immediately. I sent katerina $3000 and after 2 weeks I recieve a letter from Vicoria. I keep asking about the visa and illness and she will not answer, only ask for more money. I am nt sure why Victoria waited 2 weeks. I think maybe I bought her and Katerina a nice vacation. I have found Victoria posting adds in Oct and Nov. kissyou.com and asavantage.com Not something a girl would do if she was calling me her man. Now I know this is a commone scam and these girls are professionals at it. I know because every agency who personally met these girls thougt they were really nice. It pays to be nice. Most agencies were unaware of their scams, but globaladies should have seen this problem. I did destroy most of my letter out of frustration and being hurt over all these lies I have the last 2 emails she sent still asking for money and avoiding explaining the visa and illness. I gave the money for the illness in early Nov and the Visa in Oct.

02-20-2016, 03:01 AM
I think I got a letter from her on anastasiadate.com, never replied but she looks familiar