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02-05-2016, 04:53 PM
My Story:
In hind-sight I was given clues all along that this girl was bad news. I was blinded by her beauty. It made me stupid.

I met Galina on Elena's Model's website. I was going to Kiev for a conference and wanted to meet some girls while I was there. I arranged to meet with Galina and was to fly her to Kiev to meet me. Galina is from Saratov Russia, not Ukraine, but agreed to meet me.

I was going to book her flight. I could only book her tickets from Moscow-Kiev and back because Saratov airlines did not accept credit:cash only. I was able to determine the Saratov-Moscow-Sartov round trip cost $250.

Warning-sign#1 - Galiya told me that she "was informed" by her employer that she had to go to Odessa for training. This is a girl who has never been out of Russia and suddenly has training in Odessa immediately following our meeting. She is a secretary:I am so Stupid.

I agree provided she promises she is not going to Odessa to meet other men. So, I arrange her flight. She would get her own tickets from Kiev-Odessa-Kiev. I determine she needs $250 for the Saratov round trip and $50 to shuttle between Moscow airports to her connection to Kiev.

Warning-sign #2 - Galina writes me back and says "I have learned the exchange rate is very inconvenient for me, I the girl rather poor, but necessary for me $340". Well I knew she was lying. But it was only $40 difference.

Warning-sign #3 - She arrives in late in Kiev after missing her Moscow connection. Upon her arrival she says that taxi and hotel (she had to wait 7 hours for the next flight), cost her an additional $300. I pay her.

Warning-sign #4 - Upon her departure to Odessa, she asks for an additional $400 for taxi and incidentals in Moscow for her return flight. Again, I pay her.

The meeting went very well. I thought, she is the one! The extra money:well she is a very beautiful girl. Beautiful girls are occasionally high maintenance. I figured it was something I could handle. I cannot expect her to be everything I wanted and cheap too! So she agreed for me to submit the fiancee visa paperwork. We filled out the I-129F and G-325A while in Kiev.

Warning-sign #5 - She should be back in Saratov but I do not hear from her for several more days. I notice that she has been visiting the Elena's Model's website because it records the user's last login. I also noticed that her "expression of interest" response rate was indicating she was sending mail to other men.

We finally make contact. I ask her to email me passport photos so I can get the visa process started. She agrees and promises to send them soon, except that she is having "big problems with her apartment". Of course, I feel like she will be asking for money again. But I play stupid in my emails and tell her I hope she can get her apartment fixed and that I wish I was in Saratov to help her (as if it was a maintenance issue). During our weekly conversation with a translator, she tells me more about her apartment.

Warning-sign #6 - She tells me that since she is coming to America, her parents will no longer help her with the rent and her roommate is moving out. She asks me for $300 per month. She says that she will send me the passport photos after she gets the cash.

She also says she wants to take English lessons but, because she works, she must be tutored. She cannot attend University classes. She sends another email saying that her rent is 300 euros per month or $365 US.

Warning-sign #7 - She sends me an email saying her English lessons are $180 per month. So she needs a total of $550 per month.

I tell her I will send her the money, but that because I am supporting her. I do not want her corresponding with other men. She reluctantly agrees by saying she is not corresponding with other men.

Warning-sign #8 - My friend Mark, sends her an email saying he would like to meet her. He sends this after she has agreed to being my fiancee, after I have agreed to send her $550 per month, after she has said she is not corresponding with other men. After a day, Galina responds to Mark with her standard form letter, saying she is a lonely girl and wants to find a husband.

I confront Galina about this and she basically says that we are not "bride and groom", and that she is not sure about my fidelity. That she has been let down in the past by other western men, so she does not know what to believe and therefore corresponds with other men.

This does not really make sense to me, but I reluctantly agree to continue our relationship:Hello:I am so Stupid!!!! I tell her that I can see when she on online and ask her to stop corresponding with men. She tells me she will quit. She goes more than a week without checking her Elena's Model's webmail.

Warning-sign #9 - Her Elena's Model's webmail clock is reset to "within 24 hours". I also notice she has added her email address to her profile. It was not there before. This way, she can receive emails without me knowing since the men can now contact her directly.

Warning-sign #10 - I send her two bogus emails with fictitious photos and she responds to both with her standard greeting. I hand picked these photos to be as bad looking and gullible as possible. These guys are losers. She responds anyway.

Warning-sign #11 - This girl is a secretary. She has her own apartment.
She has her own car. She has her own computer, nice clothes, cell phone, etc. A secretary in Russia does not make enough money for all of this.

This girl needs to be put on the scam-list immediately. She is praying upon men.