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02-05-2016, 05:02 PM
I met her on bluesapphires.net
Afterwards I saw her ad on bride.ru and loveme.com
We corresponded for some time, then she complained that her life was bad, and I sent her 200 US. She was a doctor in Kharkov, Ukraine.
We decided to meet. She wanted to go to Hungary, and asked me to send her money for tickets. I wanted to send her tickets but she said that she would not go. So, I sent her 500 US. We met and she was nice. Then she wanted to go to Dominican Republic. I sent her
2500 US for tickets. She received it and asked for more at once - she wanted to buy a fur coat and a computer. I refused.
We had nice time and she went back home. Then she e-mailed me and told me that she had gonorrhoea and trichomoniasis, and asked for money. I told her that I had no symptoms and that I was very cautious all the time. She replied that she knew better, as a doctor, and told me not to go to any doctor in the US. She told me that she will get me pills. I got scared and sent money. Then I went to the doctor and I had no deceases. I later on found that while meeting me she met other guys as well, and travelled with them.
She changes her e-mail address all the time.
I later found out another man who he met at the same time as me. I gave her money to buy a computer, he did the same! He gave her 1700 euros. I gave her 800 US. Plus, the tickets cost much less than she pretended - 1500 instead of 2500.