View Full Version : Pauline or Paulina Manzur

02-06-2016, 10:39 PM
I meet her at Latin American Cupid..The first conversations athat I have had with her were about her personal life and the fact that she wanted to visit her Father Miami and Mother LA in USA...the first red flag that I ignored was about her accident in a car that she needed money to repair her vehicle that was in a crash...in a period of one month I lend her over $2500 first for the car repair, food utility bills, gas and finally for kidney treatment..I finally met her on Miami at MIAin her air flight with a scale in Miami..we had lunch a al Carreta rstaurant inside the airport.before going to LA..she was older of what she claimed it was..she did not show any intention to pay me back, not even show gartefulness for the aide provided..cliaming that she was unemployed and may be if she sells her house..the next day, I realized the mistake that I made,,because she was planning to be back in Miami for 3 days and then spend time in a resort(that I was paying)..I called her the next day at her mother''s house( she used my cell at the airport to cal her that is why I had that number)that I was not going for a good economic siutuation..that I lost my job..but i can still acomodate her at my mother''s house but it she found somebody in Maimi (like some friends that she claimed that had or her ex)..she could go with them..i will still be able to help her with transportation at her stay...