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02-09-2016, 06:18 PM
The lady did not ask me for money, because I visited her in Novosibirsk, but she did not mind spending my money, she took her younger sister (?) often with us.
I had arranged an apartment myself and she asked me for the telephone number of the owner, to check the apartment.
She insulted the owner such, the owner did not want to rent it anymore to me, Olga seemed to be intoxicated when calling her.
I had to take an apartment from a "friend", more expensive as the first one.
I also missed some money, so………….
She drinks like hell.
Wants an easy life in the west, does not want to work, domestic or paid and want to spend the days on the couch, calling friends, watching TV, drinking beer, spending your money.
Is a hairdresser by profession, has one younger sister.
Speaks limited English.
She is indeed a beautiful woman, will send you after a while some soft erotic pictures.
She really lives in Novosibirks, she new a lot of people in the neighbourhood from the apartment.