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02-10-2016, 09:09 PM
I met Vlada at a social put on by a tour agency in Dnipropetrovsk, we spent a week together in Dnipropetrovsk. We then met again in Kiev as she came to stay with me two weeks after we met, for three nights in Kiev. I thought all was well when I got on the airplane to return to the USA, and she returned home to Kiev. Her birthday is in December, I wanted to send her some flowers so I contacted the agency that I met her through to deliver them. They sent me a warning to stay away from her as her. They said she and her sister lured a man to Kiev and then robbed him while he was sleeping, this was done with an accomplice which was her sister. This happened after I had gone back to the USA. I thought this report may be the work of some disgruntled man that was rejected by her. Also her photos turned up on several web sights after she said she was my girl. It was at this time I discovered that she lied about her age she told me she was 22 years old but in fact she was 18. When ask about this she said her sister put her photos on the sights without her permission. I mean after all she was sleeping in my bed with me, so I chose to ignore the report sent to me by the agency and believed her story about the agencies.

Throughout the next 7 months we talked on the phone on a regular basis.
She told me that she would graduate from the University with a law degree. I later learned from a University professor and an attorney in the Ukraine that that is unlikely at the age of 19. During this time I sent her money for an international passport as we planed to travel together, also for a graduation dress. She said she would send photos of the dress which never were sent. I was to return to the Ukraine after her graduation we planed this for several months, we were to go traveling together. I was to arrive I got the time off work and bought my ticket and days before I was to leave I called her phone and her mother said she broke her leg and was Un able to meet me but she would be Ok. I actually laughed out loud when she told me this because at that moment I knew what the agency had told me 7 months before was true. Her mother seemed unfazed by my laughing and said the same thing several times. I found it strange that her mother knew to the day when she could walk again. I t was at that point that I hired a flower delivery guy to deliver flowers to her and to get a photo of her with her cast on and receiving the flowers. So the flower guy found her flat phone number (she told me she did not have a flat phone that the line was dead.) When the guy called the flat and said he had some flowers from a secret admirer her mother said she was out of town.
Then I received an e-mail from Vlada two weeks later saying that she was Ill and could not meet me. Vlada never even bothered to call me and tell me herself, had I not called before I left the USA and stayed with our agreed meeting dates she would have just allowed me at arrive and not even called or showed up. This was very expensive for me as I missed work, had to change my airplane Ticket, lost flat money, as well my travel insurance. She did not know it but I had a surprise trip planned to Turkey for a graduation present to her. And was going to tell her when I saw her. She was to bring her new international passport that I paid for but she did not have it, what a surprise.!!

So to make a long story short at this point I knew what she was a liar. She said she wanted to see me by e-mail and by phone. She was to come and meet me in Kiev and spend 2 weeks with me in Kiev and then travel to the black sea together. So I arrived in Kiev and Vlada Arrived in Kiev by train from Dnipropetrovsk. When she arrived she had no suit case only a small black purse, not even a tooth brush or jacket. Dressed in jeans and a short belly shirt. I immediately thought to my self she is up to one of two things, first one being she has no intension of staying for two weeks with me, and the second one being that she brought nothing so I would have to buy her all new stuff.

So for the next three days and nights we stayed in Kiev and again shared the same bed. Last visit she was dead set against smoking this time she sat on the couch and chain smoked. She did ask me to by her a $200.00 pair of boots, a new cell phone, some makeup, and other stuff. She was also very interested in what presents I brought her from the USA. I did bring her some candy and perfume from the US as a token. (She was totally oblivious to what I knew about her and the homework I had done on her.) She also had a new deep and still dark sun tan with NO TAN LINE where the cast on her leg was suppose to be yet it was clear as a bikini line on her chest and butt.. Also the leg was not atrophied at all. As well she waked for miles in Kiev with no limp or soreness. It was a miracle!!!

In the afternoon on the second day she received a SMS and said she must go alone across town to a job interview so she went for less than an hour.
I do not know what kind of job interview an attorney goes to with dirty jeans, bellybutton showing and not brushing her teeth for 2 days but she went. That evening we went to the mall to shop as a test I gave her $40.00 which she spent none of. The next morning she got another SMS at 7:30 and said she must go back to the job interview again dressed in the same clothes and dirty. When she returned she said she had no money, not a dime and she was only gone for 1 hour. Knowing of the last guy that was ripped off in Kiev with her sister I made it a special point to tell her I only had traveler's checks and they were only good to me. The look on her face - Priceless!!

So in the late morning on the third day I ask her about all the lies she had told me, Her age, the guy her and her sister ripped off, still advertising on the internet after she said I was her man, The broken leg and tan line, What the flower guy said, and the job interviews that cost money. She had a lame answer for everything, finally she got a scared look on her face as she knew "she was had" and said she had to go home for 2 days and then return. So she gathered up her stuff that I bought for her, cleaned out the condiments from the flat, Tea bags, the little individual packets of coffee, orange juice, shampoo ECT. I gave her train money and she thought she would just go but I had my suspicions she insisted that I not go to the train station but when she realized that I was going she had to go to the bathroom with her phone for 15 minutes.

So we went to the train station when we got to the station she was "cool as a cucumber". We said good by and she entered the train she did not realize that I was following her through the glass walking on the outside of the train. About 1/3 of the way down the car her head and chin went up as to acknowledge some one in front of her. She was approaching the bulkhead in the train and I could not see the other side. She walked through the bulkhead door and I crossed it from the outside. After crossing I lost her for a moment I could only see a man with his back towards me. After a minute he moved aside and I could see Vlada in the seat aginst the glass on the other side of the train with the man still facing her looking as if she was getting a scolding from this man. This went on for several minuites then they both sat down side by side. He looked around 27 to 30 tears old, thin, with short brown cropped hair. So that was that. BY -BY.

This young woman is an expert liar and deceiver and is cool under fire.
She is just luring the ropes at the art of scamming. The only time I saw her loose her cool was when we got in a discussion about scammer girls being arrested for fraudulently taking money from men, this is when she was ask about her broken leg. She was more than a little interested in this subject. At that time she reviled that it was OK to take money and other things from men as long as the man was made to believe it was a present, even if the girl misrepresented her self as a single girl looking for marriage, even when she had no such intensions. Vlada is now just petty, but she has plans to target Europeans when she is discovered by the Americans, she told me this in the same conversation She told me this in the flat when she was confronted.

I have more but I think that is enough for now