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    Anastaciya Aleksandrovna Andriyanova

    This person is real. I met her in Russia. She is sweet, beautiful, and will butter you up. However, almost everything she tells you IS A LIE! She says she loves her country and she is not looking for a way to leave. However, she tells many sad stories which make you feel sorry for her so you will send her money.

    She told me she was in a car accident and she had to pay off the person's care she wrecked. She did not talk to me for over a week. I now think she was visiting another man during this time. She sent me photos of herself, but I saw no bruises or anything on her. She claims she must pay the telephone and electricity and all these other bills and has no means to do it. She says because business is slow. She is supposedly a barber who travels to people's houses to cut hair.

    Even before I went to visit her, some of her stories did not make logical sense to me. So, I was hoping I would find the truth when I was there. However, I only blinded myself more. She kept odd hours when I was there (different from what she told me on the phone and when she could talk before we met). Her actions and explanations did not add up to make logical sense to me. She would leave to go cut hair a few times throughout the day. I now believe she may be a prostitute.

    She says she loves you and wants only you, however at the same time her profile was still active on the agency website. THis is a person who went the extra mile. I believe she may be looking for a "sugar daddy".

    I believe deep down she has a good heart. However, life is difficult in Russia (unless you are a gold-digger). She is trying to survive and support her family (mom and sister) by doing dis-respectable actions.

    She might be living with her Aunt (Tanya) in Moscow.

    She might be living with one of her friends, Masha, in St. Petersburg.

    Her Mom's name is Olga. Her younger sister is Anya. Her Aunt is Tanya, Uncle is Vova, and cousin is Kostya.
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