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Thread: Irina Konokhova

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    Irina Konokhova

    I must have been blind and stupid.

    Corresponded with Irina Konokhova for a long time, all seemed good. Her letters were nice, well written, interesting, responsive, an educated smart lady.

    Irina always wrote of truth and wished no betrayal. She seemed genuine so I fell for her.

    I travelled to Omsk and stayed with Irina at her home, Irina also visited my home. All seemed good for our future.

    Must admit there were little problems or doubts. For example, I wrote as another person (from America). Irina replied and explained already had a visa for the USA.

    Irina claimed limited sexual experience and partners but was very forward sexually the moment we entered her flat.

    Found some interesting pictures in her home. Also letters from other men on her home computer. She said they were old, Irina always had good answers, should have checked the details for a send date.

    Over a long time via Western Union I sent Irina thousands of dollars for monthly food and support. Irina asked for $ for a fridge, computer and a winter coat, other things.

    Also sent money to help her parents buy a flat in Omsk. Regularly sent nice fashionable clothes for Irina, her son and family.

    In February learnt that Irina was in Sweden visitng a lady from Ufa called Marina and in working a cafe as black market labour.

    (Marina is another story because I know a man who was going to marry her. When Marina flirted with other men in England he asked her to leave).

    Irina agreed to meet me in Stromstad for her birthday on March 2nd but at the last moment sent me an sms excuse which I later learnt was possibly a lie.

    Unfortunately she only had one photo of her time in Sweden, the camera broke (see bridge picture)

    Foolishly I still believed in her, accepted her words of love, loyalty and her promise for us to be together this year.

    Irina asked me to visit her in Omsk after she returned from a trip to Kazakstan during June - July with her parents.

    She wished us to visit the British Embassy in Novsorbisk for a fiance visa and we return to England together to marry.

    Many times this month I tried to ring Irina in Kazakstan but her mobile phone was allways off. Noticed that a Swedish auto-voice said the phone disconected but she sent me loving sms messages every day.

    Later she sent me an e-mail so I traced the IP. Can you guess? Yes, her IP location is Stromstad in Sweden. Irina is not in Kazakstan with her parents.

    Now feeling very devastated and so foolish. Probably Irina is also fooling some poor Swedish guy. He must have sent her the air fare.

    Possibly there are other men donating to her because she has travelled away at other times.

    You are probably thinking "A fool and his money" but Irina has terribly duped, conned, misled and lied to me.

    I am not some disfunctional desperate ugly saddo. I'm an educated, fit presentable man who thought to consider a foreign lady who may also think hapiness, a nice home and family are important.

    I know I'll get over this in time but I was a friend to her nice son Maxim and her sister. I think they do not know all that Irina has done.

    Hopefully your site and these details can help prevent some other men from being fooled, hurt and misled.

    I did send Irina a text of the IP. Even with her abilities to deceive it was a little difficult for her to lie her way out of this one so she did not reply.

    Finally "Good Luck" to those who read this. I am sure there must be genuine nice ladies out there. If you find her do take good care of her.

    I will not become a pessimist to think all ladies are bad.

    Perhaps I should be like my single friends who are optimists and hope some are bad?

    Philip (England)
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