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    My experience with a Gold Digger

    On Christmas weekend, I met up with this chick and her girl friend. I drove them to met up with their friends for dinner. After dinner we went clubbing. The girls didn't have cash (how convenient), so I had to pay for them to get in. I only brought $200 cash with me that night (I was only told that we'd be "drinking with friends"), so by that time I only had $10 left and no cash for alcohol at the club. Her "best guy friend" paid for alcohol. After clubbing we went eat again at 2 am, "best guy friend" paid for us again.

    She left her camera in my car, so I brought it for her 2 days later. Met the 2 girls again, they said they'll buy me dinner because I paid for their clubbing. Turns out the girl called her "best guy friend", and he paid for dinner. After dinner, we went karaoke, and her "best guy friend" paid again (no wonder why they're friends).

    We have not hung out since.
    Informing "gold-digger" that she is posted on this website will lead to termination of your account and permanent banning!

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    I don't think she is a Gold-digger. I think she is attached with her friend nothing else. You should try contact with her again.

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    My ex-gf's best friend expected me to buy HER drinks whenever I met them out in a bar/club. I lol'd and said buy your own. Made me laugh even more the fact she was about 2/10. Girls like you described make me sick.

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    You can't say that they are gold diggers. You have mentioned that they are good friends. Among friends sharing is a common thing. So, you should not say that they are gold-digger.



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