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Thread: Svetlana

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    We wrote to eachother for about 4 months before I actually meet her. When I did, we had an interpreter and all went really well, we seemed to click. The next meeting it was just the two of us, we went to eat, and she started ordering the most expensive items on the menu. Then after dinner, she suddenly had only a few more minutes as she had to meet her friends, so we agreed to meet the following day, she never showed, but sent me a message the next day, apologizing and scheduled another date. Then we did meet again, but again,it was a short date, of course dinner again, and again had to meet friends, after I took her shopping. Once I returned home, we e-mailed for a short time again, until she suddenly asked me for some money to buy a dress for her friends wedding, she needed $200. After this, I had enough. To me she just uses the guys she meets for gifts and whatever else she can, and then next week, another tour group shows up.

    Richard (USA)
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