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    NATALIA ZLATOVA, DOB June 9, 1976

    This lady is actually real and her name is Natalia Zlatova. She is now listed on Anastasia and also Army of Brides and I have reported this to both of them already. We both agreed to meet in Kiev and was she very interested in me from her letters. At first, she wanted for me to send her the money that she needed for her airplane ticket to Kiev which I told her that I would not do. I then had my had my travel agency who I trust, Chumak travel, buy her the tickets and they sent them directly to her by mail. These tickets could were not refundable and she could not turn them in for any $ as I was taking no chances with a lady from Lugansk especially with all of the scammers that are from there.

    It turned out she wanted to stay in Kiev longer then I would be able to stay there and they got her the tickets for the dates that she needed. She was so nice and friendly when we met and we got a long very well the first day and had a wonderful time together. The next day she wanted to go shopping to get some supplies for her school as she was taking some kind of cosmetology classes in Lugansk and needed these for her classes. I agreed to go and we took a taxi and went to some store which was off the beaten path in Kiev. It was a beauty salon and they sold this particular kind of cosmetics that she needed.

    I sat and waited in this salon for about a half hour for her before she finally returned. She then told me that she had found the make-up and supplies that she needed and now she needed for me to give her 900 grivnas (almost $200) to buy the stuff !!!! I told her that I did not have 900 grivnas to give to her and she was not happy with me at all when I told her this. She then bought a few things and returned most or the stuff that she wanted to get. I asked why she thought that I should jsut give her this money and she said that she thought that I would just buy them for her as she did not have this kind of money to spend. On the taxi ride back home she did not say a word to me and was very upset with me for not buying her these cosmetics. Things did not go so smooth with her after this and her whole demeanor and behavior changed from the day before where she was so nice and pleasant. The very next morning, she packed her suitcase and left and I have not hear heard back from her since. BEWARE.....She is a professional from what I can see and watch out for you wallet as if she does not get any $$$ from you then she has no interest in you :-).


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