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    Viktoria Bogdanuk

    Our conversations were fine by phone and email. I saw no red flags or reasons to be concerned, so I thought. She never asked for money or anything. But looking back, as hindsight is also 20/20 there were a few clues I should have caught on to. She spoke near perfect English, but claimed not to be able to read or write English. She claimed to live alone in the Ukraine, which later I found out is near impossible. She claimed to be a fitness instructor, but looking closer at the pictures she doesn't look like a fitness instructor. She was short on the phone almost rude sometimes, but I thought it was the culture.

    So I made the plans to visit the lady I was corresponding to for a month. I booked my flight for Kiev, Ukraine and told her I would pay for her to meet me there. I sent her $250 for her flight, taxi cab rides and meals to meet me. When I arrived at the airport, no Viki, I waited for 3 hours. Finally when I got her on the phone I got excuses and lies. I asked her if she wanted to still meet and that I am here waiting for her. She said, she wasn't sure. So airfare of $1,650, $250 to her via Western Union , change fee to come home early $990, and staying in my hotel alone at $200 a night for 3 nights, yeah I lost $3,500 plus time missed from work. Not to mention the emotional let down.

    So, I tell you my story so you can add Vikitoria Bogdanuk from Zaporozhye, Ukraine to your list, attached or a couple photos as well. I can deal with my misfortune but would like other not to endure my misery and financial loss.

    Thank you for you time,

    Charlie (USA)
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