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    What are your opinions on gold diggers?

    I think they're a disgrace and creates distrust. Personally, I don't believe male gold diggers exist, compared to the opposite which compromises the overwhelmingly majority.

    Most women marry men for money. It's a woman thing, while men marry women for love and companionship. I've heard successful men lives get ruined because of these things.

    What are your opinions on gold diggers? Do you believe male gold diggers exist, compared to the opposite majority?
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    Gold diggers are awful. They're greedy, and selfish, and don't care about anyone else but themselves. So they don't care who they step on to get all the gold that they feel is entitled to them. I hate 'em. Because most don't really do any work for their gold; they just think they're supposed to get it by virtue of marriage. Yes, women do outnumber men in this majority, because a woman is looking for a man who can provide the type of lifestyle she wants for herself and her kids. Plus, if the genes get inherited by her kids, she could be getting gold until she's dead n gone.

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    I believe they exist but BOTH men and women can be gold diggers.

    It's just that the word "gold digger" is traditionally associated with women because for the longest time women could not (were prevented) be as financially independent and successful as men.

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    I think it's a bit cynical to think that most women marry because of money.

    Yes male gold diggers exist, just as there are women. I've seen plenty of lazy bums who work part time or not at all and live off the woman.

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    Wanting Financial Security make me a gold digger

    Does wanting to have kids and stay above the poverty line make me a gold digger?



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