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Thread: Elena Kuprina

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    Elena Kuprina

    I met Elena in a nightclub in Helsinki. I have met her a couple of times in Sint Petersburg, Moscow and in Amsterdam. We were planning to live together. Elena has an expensive taste and her whishes kept growing. Also she wanted monthly support and money to buy apartment for her Son in Sint Petersburg. Support i gave her and also some money for down payment to apartment.
    Over the year that i have known her she came up with lots of costly surprises, i need money for this, this and that. Every visit resluted into shopping a lot.

    Last thing that happened was that she told met she had to give back lot of money to a friend. When i did not come up with the money she told me she was in danger. After this she told me she had a shock and was going into a hospital.

    Last thing i understood is that she was going back to Helsinki or to London to work in a club.

    She does not respond anymore to calls, email and sms, and also her friends do not want to talk to me.

    Given the amount of money i spend on her and constant push for more, and her dropping out the moment i stopped giving makes her a true gold digger.

    Hans (Netherlands)
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