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    Chiang Mai Gold Digger Nirawan Munpun

    This woman contacted my (soon to be ex!) husband via Tango Chat phone app; she is 22 years old and he is 53 years old. After some months of communicating via text, phone calls and face time, he arranged to take her on a holiday to Bangkok and Phuket from 29/01-16 - 12/02/16, all paid by him.
    She goes by the names Ni and Nitty, and says that she is studying at University and living with her parents, but could get away for 2 weeks.
    They met and had a good time, and she encouraged him to have unprotected sex. She has said that she wants to spend her life with him and that "age doesn't matter" (too good to be true??).
    Then the plot thickens - she is now telling my husband that her period is overdue and is worried that she is pregnant! She cries and says her parents will disown her, and of course he believes it's his baby. Even though he was contacted by another man from the same app, who asked why he was talking to "my girlfriend"!!!
    I am now waiting to hear if she says she is pregnant, and what this will entail - money for an abortion, money for the pregnancy, marriage/visa to Australia??
    Be very careful about who you are talking to - it never ends well, and destroys people's lives, and I am pretty sure this one is a gold-digger...
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