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    Victoria Omelchenko

    I communicated with victoria omelcheko from kirovograd from mid december, and visit her in ukriane she came to kiev and stayed 4 days with me... then she russed back because she clamed her aunt were seek suddenly, she had a feeling something was wrong, i gave her money in pity to help, 1000 dollars i came back after 16 days... and she told me that she had to go moskow with the aunt before she could come and meet in kiev... i got 2.5 hours with her the second time and she had promissed to come and spend the 2 last days with me after coming back from russia, she left for her city... and suddenly the uncle died and she couldent come... we had made plans for her to visit me ... and i wanted to help but when she asked 3000 dollars to put on a credit card to be able to make the trip.. claiming only she got this money she could be allowed to travel... i said that was alot of money and it whas almost what i got all in all of money... then suddenly i was nothing and she wished all the best in the world and future i said look... one day you love me and the next because i say no to so much money you... then dear victoria i think you need to pay something back.... she never responded... and thats why make this repoet she got all together in her hand from me 1450 dollars with out counting gifts for her and the children..

    Bjarne (Greece)
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