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Thread: Anna Pryimak

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    Anna Pryimak

    Anna Pryimak aka Anna Nikitina

    I started communicating with Anna in July on Natasha Club, and I noticed some inconsistencies between what I said, and her replies. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, and arranged to visit her in November. I arrived on November 18th, and stayed until the 23rd I was surprised at our first meeting that she needed a translator, but she stated it was the agency's mistake. We had a second meeting, and we went bowling, and then she looked around some shops, and spotted a fur jacket, and told me she had a birthday coming up. She also spotted a gold chain, with her initial A she loved. The next day, she could not meet, but we met again on the 22nd, and she seemed upset I was seeing ladies in other cities. She also stated she had a broken phone, and she would like a new one as a present. In our conversation, it also came out that she had a debt on her shop of about $1,500 U.S. Dollars, and would like her future husband to clear it - Shop Annalux, 2 Yasnya Street, Zdolbuniv

    I returned on December 24th, and met her on the 25th. We went to Ekvator, and she said seeing that you didn't buy me my jacket, Nikita needs some clothes. I relented, and also got the gold chain. The following day, I prepared a dinner, bought some roses, and she wanted to go again to Ekvator stating her sons clothes was not the right size. Then she got very upset stating I was not attentive to her on her birthday. The following day, she stated her child was in the hospital, and I should move on and find another lady.

    Afterwards, I contacted Natasha Club, and then her translator wanted me to retract some of my statements on behalf of Anna, and then Anna wrote a rather nasty email to me.

    This woman used the translator scam stating she spoke good English. She would not reply to emails sent to her purchased email. During our first meeting, she stated she would want her man to pay off the dept on her shop as a condition of marriage. She also received a gold chain with her initial from me and she also stated she wanted me to buy her a fur jacket, and then she got me to buy clothing for her child when I declined. She then stated that I was inattentive to her, and told me to move on.

    Robert (canada)
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    Informing "gold-digger" that she is posted on this website will lead to termination of your account and permanent banning!

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    Anna's defence

    Dear Robert! This is Elena, Anna's translator you remember me as I was present at your meetings. Anna showed me this article and asked me to wtite this letter. I am surprised to read many things in your threat. We have talked with you on viber and you told me that you have bought a golden chain to Anna but never had a chance to give that to her. The chain with letter A she has for years. It was a present of her parents. Anna never asked you to buy it. I was also present when you told that you would like to buy something for Nikita (her son) before going to play bowling. Anna never asked you for this. Yes, Anna had a broken phone, which she used but she never asked you to buy a new one. Anna also never asked you to pay her debt. Robert, you know the truth. Why do you write such things about her? You told me that you have found a good lady and I am really very glad you have found your happiness. But after reading such letters any man would want to talk with Anna again and she does not deserve it. I really write this with good intence and do not blame you. I just want to ask you to stop writing misleading information about Anna and to stop being enemies.
    Sincerely yours,
    P.S. I have the proof of my words. I can send it to the administration if it is needed.



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