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    I want to meet a Thai women

    I live in the US and am considering going to Thailand to find a wife. What would be the best ways to go about this and what are the possible problems? Are they Gold-diggers?
    Informing "gold-digger" that she is posted on this website will lead to termination of your account and permanent banning!

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    Why not come over here a few times learn something about the country and people. Your going to have problems if you think Thai women are easy. They have their culture, and personalities just like any other women. If you just want to find one because you think you have money and she wants your security your marriage will never work.

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    I know that is the better to go to Thai. But I want to get some information before, I go to Thailand. I hope, I made myself clear.

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    Many Thai women are beautiful. If not on the outside, they are beautiful on the inside.
    Have you try checking out the local Thai community in your area? How about getting to know them? This will be easier as they will be accustomed to your way of life already. Rather than looking for one in Thailand where there will be too many unknown factors like cultural differences, expectations, acclimatisation, etc etc. Plus you will not have known her properly enough to actually marry her. Nor her for the same reason.



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