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    Why hardly any mention of male gold-diggers?

    We often see posts about gold-digging ladies that plot to marry and divorce high-earning men. Or they don't divorce, but spend the man's hard earned money.
    It just occurred to me that husbands/boyfriends that use similar tactics, rarely get discussed. Any ideas? Is this an uncommon occurrence, or something people just don't like to acknowledge?
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    There are plenty of male gold diggers, as there are female, even amongst the working class, however most people don't really suspect anything unless there's a considerable age and wealth difference. It's wrong that people only seem concerned with the rich and wealthy, but this post that a lot of women can relate to, shows that anyone on any income, or at any age can still take advantage.

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    1. usually men are making the highest level of income
    2. most men don't feel comfortable making less money then their female counterpart because of their male egos
    3. women marry for personality charm and less for looks then men.

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    Most high income women are old and nasty, and no man can bring them self to sleep with them, even for all the money in the world. Usually the younger guys I've noticed with older established women, are really losers. they aren't very good looking and just sit at home all day as if they were still living in their parents basement.

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    If you're talking about working class women who support their husband/boyfriend, then we'd simply call that guy a dead beat. And God knows there are plenty of those.



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