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    How can I spot her

    I'm not sure if my girl loves me or the things I got andtings I can do. What are somethings she would do if she stopped loving me?
    Informing "gold-digger" that she is posted on this website will lead to termination of your account and permanent banning!

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    Tell her that you were thinking of giving all your stuff to charity because you don't want to be obsessed with material goods and see how she reacts.

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    Ask her how she feels about a Prenup. If she's like "Oh HELL NO! >:O", then you've got yourself a gold digger. If she's fine with you securing yourself, then you really have no reason to get a prenup cause you have yourself true love.

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    Take her shopping and if she wants to spend more time spending your money than spending time with you you may have a gold-digger! Hopefully she spends the time with you.



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