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    Victoria Zaretskaya

    Victoria Zaretskaya aka Ayriya

    I was involved with this woman for a year and a half. After my first trip to Russia she started asking for money. She said that if I cared for her I would help her with expenses. We were going to go to Turkey. She insisted that I send $2500 so that she could make the arrangements. When I arrived she said she could not go and that the travel agency would not refund the money. Later I found out she went to Turkey with a man from California. It got worse as time went on. I brought here and her daughter to the US on a fiancee' visa. She stayed a month and then went home. She said that she would come back but that I needed to send more money to help out until she could get another visa. This week I saw her on Pretty Woman under another name. She says she has no children. I guess she ran out of my money.

    Gary (USA)
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