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    Angry Golddigger Alina Kravchenko. Kiev, Ukraine. Born 1988-05-30. 28 years old now.

    Alina Kravchenko is born 1988-05-30 and is 28 years old now. She is like two persons. When she immediately gets what she wants she is lovely and can really handle men very good in every way. Sex is a good weapon of hers too. I knew her for a year and she was going to move to me in Sweden and all was good. But then she needed an own apartment in Kiev although she was moving from there. Red flag..! She revealed herself when she got some unexpected message from me and went very rude although I just paid her first month rent... Another man going on for sure. When I visited her in Kiev last time she nagged so much on me to make sure I had not one UAH left when going home and it was so bad I hardly got home. I was weak with her because of the good sex she gave me. Very skilled and good actor. Well that fuck costed me a lot... She is a real bitch for sure! She is stone cold.
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