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    Tetiana Cafearo aka Tina Flower

    In 2016 Tetiana completed a 7-year scam that completely destroyed one mans life by criminally deceiving him of his entire life savings. Within this 7-year period she netted an initial 206k US and then milked another 50+k US in various scams until the man discovered she was a gold-digger with a prior 11-year history. In 2009 she met the man through a legitimate marriage agency and in 2010 she accepted a proposal of marriage and deceived the guy into transferring his life savings based on the promise of children, apartment and a life in Kiev.
    Tetiana locates a 'Mark' through legitimate marriage agencies. Viktoria then contacts the mark and convinces him Tetiana is a good girl with sincere intentions. The man is then convinced that in UA culture proposal is quick. He then proposes marriage and transfers large sums of cash and maintains her as a fiancИ whilst she continues to locate other marks.Tetiana operates with Viktoria Lindstrom as a scam team. Once hooked by either woman the 'mark' is then contacted and mislead into sending money using various scams.
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    Informing "gold-digger" that she is posted on this website will lead to termination of your account and permanent banning!



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