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    Viktoria Fedorova

    Date of birth: February 1979

    The story happened 6 months ago. I am a Platinum member of Elena's models and the girl/gold digger was also a member of the site. After my troubles with her, Elena's models removed her from the site but she told me recently she has allready had other foreign men visiting her... Perhaps via other websites.
    I decided to put this story on the blacklist because the girl started to contact me again recently because she knows she can play with my emotions.

    In august of last year I started to correspond with her via Elena's models. and decided to go to visit her in Kiev.

    I proposed to bring a present. She asked for leather boots. Then I said I wanted to visit the opera but she said then I would have to bring a dress... Stupid as I was I did it. And when giving her these presents the first night, she didn't like them...
    The first minutes of our meeting I was allready disturbed because she wanted to drink champaign which was about 160 dollars.

    The following days she allways ordered the most expensive drinks (like expensive French Cognac) and food. Once she ordered a steak but didn't eat a bit of it. She took me with her to go shopping and bought stuff for her and little daughter... But when she had to pay... She let me do it.

    During that week in Kiev with her she was allways at a distance. Sometimes when walking in the streets she quickly jumped in a taxi and was gone, leaving me alone. Then after a few hours she would return. When taking a taxi with me... She paid with my money but the return money she put into her purse. Once she took my wallet and went to the toilet. I will never know if she took something out of it.
    Also she asked me big sums of money for her taxi back to her appartment and to rejoin me next day. Also she asked money for a babysit. I must say babysits are very expensive there because she asked me 40 dollars for 1 night.
    When I met her little sister, I found her so cute that I wanted to give her a present. Victoria suggested me to buy her a Playstation which off course I didn't do. Then she talked about her appartment that needed some new decoration... I quickly changed to another subject because I got more and more disturbed... Why let I do her all these things... One single reason... I was in love with her...

    When I left at the airport she asked me money to get a visum to visit me. I gave her 100 Euro's. That was enough... A visum costs 60 Euro's.
    Few days later she told me... Great I have internet now... I said how...
    Well I used your money for the visum... I was disturbed but didn't want to loose her.

    After I thought we started a relationship in Kiev, I decided to close my profile on Elena's. She did it too.
    Some days later I left on a businesstrip and she asked me if I had access to internet during these days. I said not.
    I came earlier and what did I see: her profile open again and she put extra photos... And we had a relationship???
    I was very angry and decided she was not reliable. I stopped communication. But she begged me to forgive her and my heart was weak due to my feelings for her.

    She begged me to send 350 Euros to her because she would have to travel to Crimea to get papers she needed for her visum.
    Some days later she askled again for money because all the money she spent on this paper she said. She had to take a plane...

    I told her that I was disturbed with the whole affair. No visum can cost so much I told her. Well. That night she send me an sms she stopped our relationship. I was a greedy man according to her and NOT generous. I spent more than 500 Euro's on presents and gave 500 Euro's cash money in a few weeks...

    This girl is very dangerous. She plays with mens emotions and I would like that no other men get sticked into her spiders web...

    I filed a complaint to the administrator of Elena's models and her profile was removed immediately. I cannot blame Elena's Models... They cannot screen a persons intentions when she applies to be on the site.
    This story can be confirmed by the people of Elena's...
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