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    Svetlana Stolyarova or Svitlana Stoliarova

    I was talking with this woman for over 4 years and dating seriously for 18 months or well so I thought. I met her initially on Hotrussianbrides.com but later she moved me to the www.russiandesire.com (a porn site) but I didn''t like it because of this so ended up on romancecompass.com. She is also on Ukrainian diamonds.com. She needs to be stopped, I have several photographic evidence and can provide to you, if you want to include with post? Over the last 18 months of course I bought her gifts because she wanted them, and asked for them, but I bought her gifts because I truly thought we were together and we are not! That being said, she used the fact that we were together to get things out of me, jewelry, somewhere around $6,000 of stuff, no including restaurants, my travel and visits and other activities. This also does not include about 18 months of video chat @ $1,000 per month, plus about $600 per month for 3 years prior (there was a 1 year gap where I left the site). All told I spent over $40,000 on this woman because I thought we were in a committed relationship and we were together and we were going to get married. I did this because again we were together and she didn''t tell me she was seeing others. And of course the only way I could chat with her was through a site, where I had to pay. She would not answer email, and refused to do skype chat. But again I did, because I wanted to believe we were together. We were not, she was scamming me the entire time. I want her information and picture posted if possible. Please let me know if you need anything else. This girl is a master manipulator.
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