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    Kseniya Polishchuk aka Oksana, Ksjusha

    I dated Kseniya for about a year. She seemed to be a perfect girl for marriage and creating family thats what she was searching for as she said initially. Our relationship developed rapidly. I was in love. I was blind. Now Im sure she is an escort and was interested in a sponsor but not family. I was absolutely loyal to her paying all her expenses, travels, giving her presents. And each meeting sum of pocket money got higher - flat rent, beauty saloons, for education, for clothes, personal needs. I was totally clear with her Iwas not an atm machine and need a woman for life. She changed. The last time we agreed to meet in Odessa few weeks ago. She got money from me to book holidays there but she said she could not go because of family problems. But I came across with her in Odessa night club having fun with other man. She betrayed me in the most vile and cynical way.

    Nick (Germany)
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