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    Anna Zatokovenko

    Date of birth: 2 August 1985

    I met Anna Zatokovenko at a place called the Seamen's Club in Nikolaev, Ukraine. She showed great interest in me and we spent much of the next 10 days I was in Nikolaev together. After I returned home we kept in contact daily through phone calls and emails, her English is quite good. This went on for 3 months. Soon she began asking for things during our phone conversations. She needed an expensive coat for winter, money to join a fitness center, money for New Years and Christmas, etc. I foolishly sent whatever she asked me.as well as spending money. I was very convinced of her sincerity because she works for an Anastasia affiliate in Nikolaev and would tell me of all the dishonest women who were using men, the tricks that they use, and how disgusted she was by women like that. But of course as it turned out she was one of them and also working at the Seamen's Club at night.
    I planned another trip to be with her.two weeks, so we could live together and see if we wanted to be married in the future. She insisted on making the arrangements.the apartment and the taxi from the airport, etc. I purchased the plane ticket and she informed me that she needed me to send her the money for the apartment and taxi before I arrived. The day after she received the money she stopped taking my phone calls. I tried 10 times a day to reach her on her cell phone but with no success. Finally a man answered the phone but I couldn't understand what he was saying as he spoke in Russian. I had a Ukrainian friend call her from the United States but again no answer. Then my friend had someone in Nikolaev call her from a local number. A woman answered but refused to say who she was or give any information. She called again the next day and the man answered. All he would say was that Anna wasn't there and she had just forgotten her cell phone. No other information. I wrote her a very direct letter accusing her of everything and she wrote back and said that she was so sorry.she had found the love of her life there in Ukraine. Of course.as soon as I sent her the money which I know is already spent and she has no intention of returning to me. I lost money on cancelling the plane reservations too. And of course a broken heart as I thought this woman was really sincere.
    She's very good at was she does. She kept me strung along for months and took as much as she could from me. She waited for the big payout right before my trip and then disappeared. This woman is a liar, and a gold-digger. It was a big mistake ever to get involved with her.

    Mark (USA)
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